Day 30: Terrace Houses or Fish Tanks ?

Terrace houses are the pug’s face of living spaces. All smooshed and compact, shallow and at times feel quite claustrophobic.

Possibly a temperature-tantrum in the making with COVID… however still a city living experiment that I think everyone should try at least once.

Small and yet purposeful little spaces. You have to be certain about every square-foot of the space and what goes where. Forced minimalism- otherwise the place looks too cluttered.

On our daily dog walks around the suburb, (coffee coming first) I enjoying peering inside. It feels similar to people-watching from inside cafes that was before COVID installed take-away. And if we’re lucky enough that a door is open, you can usually see straight through.

From their mustard stained sofas to their assortment of loafers, flung in the direction of the door. Random clusters of pot-plants to the weird abstract art the jumps all over the walls. If not abstract art, cow portraits.

Every day I take a new picture of my favorite house in the hopes of painting them later that night. I think I got the idea from Pinterest one late night and decided from then on I needed tiny houses in my life. Living in one just wasn’t poetic enough. That way, if I draw one every two days, I will have 50 by the end of quarantine and wherever I ended up moving next, I can take the suburb with me.




Another ritual I have come accustom to is meditation and yoga in the park.

The park belongs to a massive hive of apartments nearby so it’s terribly quiet. It specifically says no dogs but since Loui hasn’t been clipped in months, I figure he qualifies as more of a sheep now. I haven’t seen his eyes in weeks.

On the way there I try to listen to some podcast or ted-talk that makes me think. Broaden my horizons. Todays is hosted by Joe Burden. He asks the question ‘Why is it difficult for people to find relationships?’


  • Apparently, Drake’s mum can’t find one and one of the three men highlight how meeting people is hard for everyone.


  • One of the other men on the podcast talks about feeling jaded with love and that the only way out he believes is by finding ‘the one’.

I disagree. If you’re jaded, the one won’t be attracted to your negativity. It’s possibly as unattractive as being married.


  • Another interesting thing that was said was on dating today not being about meeting people but moreso about following the dating rules. 

– Burden goes on to add, ‘it’s about getting to know you enough that I will know if I want to fuck you or not. Not about getting to know you for a relationship.’

– Burden says it’s about how someone moves, respect, ambition and how much they make.

Which got me thinking about feeling jaded myself and how the ‘rules of dating’ stipulate that people should view love and sex as investments/transactions of time, rather than people.

So one person goings about dating the emotional way and the other has business in mind….

Later that night I miss my nightly run in favor of writing and two desserts. I drink an ice-coffee at 10 pm to seduce myself into completing a Zumba workout. But I’m too tired so I head off to bed. Or at least I try to…

Instead, I’m reminded of why living on top of each other in terrace houses isn’t always fun. As I contemplate for the next 2 hours why my bed is trembling against the wall when I am in fact not having sex in it.

Fuck you Ned. 

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