To cook veal, we must first beat it tender.

To soften and then swallow.

With people we are much the same, except society dictates our only weapon of choice are our words.

You cannot merely make someone understand how you feel via shaking them, hugging them or slapping their ass.

Words must always follow in order to make an action clear. Words are how humanity can exercise the question of why.

Why do I hate Starwars so much?

Why did you leave me?

Why are carrots purple?

Why aren’t people more honest?

Why does singing make me so happy?

Why is black not a colour?

Since learning how to speak, the question of ‘why’ we quickly learn to be the pinnacle of good communication and the most important question we can ask.

You cannot merely fall in love with someone’s stare without knowing what channels their thoughts swim in or what soaks up their insides.

We cannot just see to feel, as a human we must hear and speak. Use every ability God/Buddha/Allah/Earth-spirit/Science gifted us with to communicate and bring what is inside to be heard.

Funerals and weddings are a testimony to this need of expression. To love, to feel hope, to digest or let go.

Perhaps that’s why dating apps are so unfulfilling, as they limit our full human condition. Showing people the outline of us without letting them know what the ingredients of our fillings’ contain.

The pro of connection at the price of subconsciously rewiring our values in favour of superficiality.

An outfit that time takes away from us in a matter of years or even tomorrow, if it is meant to be.

I can’t help but think that if we have learned anything positive from the past, it is that words have never failed to leave us with the deepest impact.

And in today’s visual age, we need them like never before.

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