Undiagnosed Chemistry #4

We say how we feel 

without filters, 


we talk about possible relationships.


Then the words slow down,

the tempo shifts. 

Eyes aren’t on each other,

heaviness persists.


The dance now




       we stand on opposite sides of the room.      


At the end of the others’ sentences, 

 we can feel the other 



“I really like this girl I can’t even speak to…” 

  words evaporate from my mouth.


“I’m kinda seeing someone, he’s considering med,”


his reps double, triple. 


Sweat tumbles, wet. 

“Looks like your set.” 


But then 

we are back intertwined.


Talking about who we are in relationships, 

without the need of wine. 



Connecting the dots


our similarities. 



Painting a picture the other one doesn’t quite know 


 who we are 


  what we want. 


How it looks a lot 

like when one of us smiles, 

before the other 

can say 




Two people enter 

Two people undone 

Two people exit 

but never as one;



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