Undiagnosed, chemistry #2

Spontaneity lines the mouths of our encounters,

a certain sweetness with nips and punches

to keep me awake.


I never know when or how long it will take

to see him again.


But when we do,

we drink the other

like we have been on a fast.


Nothing is off limits.

Politeness; all but discarded

at our feet.



Usually the first concern with the opposite sex is to be liked,



But for us, 

      that doesn’t seem be a question.


               We poke and prod,

testing the other’s wearability.

It’s hilarious

                 and dangerous.

somewhat illicit and famous.


No one else in my contact list,

can replicate




Not a us,

that would be wrong.

Not a we,

we are too strong

to be

a n y t h i n g




        & me.




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