Why My Career Won’t Be My Passion

There is a toothless gap between like and love.

Passions and Careers.

I know I like drawing/designing and that I love writing. The difference most evident through feel.

Passions are more than just a habit or hobby. It’s fluent, thoughtless and yet full of thought. When I’m writing, I think my hands and mind talk to each other more honestly without the intrusion of my mouth.

With writing, I view it as me.  A guarantee that I have never made a heavy life decision without putting pen to paper. If you have ever ventured into my head, coffee shop, friendship circle or bed, then you too were probably a piece of paper in front of me.

Not in a judgmental way but in the way that leads you on a walk though the intricacies of my thoughts. Key words or feelings signalling where you wonder next.

Perhaps through a party, a bad night, through honest conversations, a drunken haze, a  tangled mess or two of miscommunication and feelings we cannot forget but merely recycle. Here on paper is where I think best.

When passions become a seamless instinct to sit comfortably in your daily thoughts, it’s hard not to admit their a piece of you. Almost as important as your nose or dog, if the passion was to disappear, it would be unhinging.

In saying this, I don’t know if turning your ultimate passion into a career is the best idea. I know it works for some but for others like myself, it would be too exhausting. I just know I would tear at all my loose threads or worst, others too. Journalism employs the craft of uncovering people’s bare shapes and then serving them up in a specific way. Or really in any way that keeps their words in focus and the brand in people’s mouths.


I uncovered a new passion of drawing/designing during the gap between university and high school. In that time I found working in women’s fashion to be rich in all things unexpected. Not bitchy but full of colour, interesting conversations, different ideas and small details. No two days nor two customers were alike. The best part was the close proximity you held with someone you just met, via suggesting one shape or cut over another. Creativity and excitement glueing the moment and you two together.

I like how designing comes from this creative need to express. And when ideas come they don’t talk, they yell. Instant espresso inspiration turns into tunnel vision. So strong, it bursts through all walls of judgements, finding me wherever I am.

And so a year or two into this new calling and I can honestly say I don’t think it will feel  as second-nature as writing.  However, it does feel good knowing I can now tick the boxes of career, creativity,  people and hope for the future without a few question marks in between.


Perhaps passions are a bit like soulmates. They come at different times for different reasons, all unbeknownst to you.

But when they do come, you must be bold and go after them. Your passions are a testimony that everything happens for a reason. With regret still harder to swallow than the seeds of an apple.

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