Street-Styled Bacon

When thinking about power-dressing or ‘dressing for the self’ I often wonder where to begin.

Some of us start by considering the weather, relationship status or work expectations.

On the daily commute, I often adore gawking at Vogue’s street-style looks, snapped at the latest Fashion Week. I think it’s a non-offensive claim that the randomness of street-style is often way better, than the runway shows they attend. With unity all but shunned, this unique category exposes the eye to distortion, clashing colours and textures in such a way that jumbles the mind.

Evidence of daily innovation in the form of ugly sneakers or sock heels. Interpretations can be described as blasphemy, a signature of a style child or one hell of a fashion hit.

I mean, I don’t think I could be the only one who’s desktop is constantly littered with these splashes of genius…

Like some form of random act of kindness- they stand alone and I can bet, are confident enough in their creation, that they could hit up any club and be deliriously happy just dancing on their own. (Alone and with their favourite swirly, long, hot-pink skirt. I mean can I get an Amen? )

Each ensemble beams with originality and kick-ass flare.

And the best part about street-style is that anyone with clothes can experiment with their own kooky-cool style!

Fashion today is exclusive no more. Instead it’s highly personable, eccentric and exciting for everyone who has access to technology or even happen to come across the right street, at the right time.

I find the same commercial styles repeated can very quickly switch on our autopilot mode. Yet all it takes is one flash of patten, colour or silhouette you haven’t seen before and BAM! Your present. Welcome back!

The online saturation of late makes me want to run to my closets (currently situated on my floor) and try every combo I haven’t quite figured out yet. For hours…

And when you find that one outfit- eyes alight, you are rewarded with a trip somewhere else. A creative explosion, somewhere internal and glorious.

And then come more ideas that click and connect. You draw a line in your head and before you even know it, your outfit for tomorrow is plotted across a stray napkin in some blotchy pen.

Cue excitement! The day was a success!

Tomorrow you will show it the light!

As all creative domaines are now collaborative, street-style opens up conversations like a hidden language. The bridge built simply by bringing up something like ‘colour appreciation’.

It’s like saying with you mouth firmly glued to your coffee cup,  “I’m a creative human. Here i am! Flag above my head (in the form of a turquoise coat).”

And it attracts others like invisible glue to the finger. Electric, zang- Zap- POW!

From stranger no more. Fashion ignites, expresses, blows minds and injects meaning into you day and everyone else’s.

“ Fashion speaks to our difference to the world. Our inner truth. Our mood. How we see ourselves at that time. Transparency… our inner selves. ” – Kaustav Dey

Ted Talk: ‘How Fashion Helps Us Express Who We are – and What We Stand For’

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