Transparency; The New Orange

Working in in retail, people often ask what is the best thing about working in the industry.

I respond with nothing.

We receive the award wage only for the government to take a nice rounded bite out of the small caramel slice they gifted. Five hours of standing, consistent talking, smiling and thinking; with no more than a 10 minute break.

For those who can work a full day and then toddle off to the gym or to cook dinner, I applaud you. The rest of us mere-mortals spend our nights stuffing our lifeless bodies to form the lumps that hide beneath the duvet and hibernate.

But then again– half unconcious one night I came to re-think my answer.

I knew it was a little late for my answer. The customers were probably all arriving home, happily introducing their new additions to their wardrobes.

But if somehow I could reprint my answer it would be the serendipity that fashion helps create.

It’s not about just one colour mixed with another and BAM! Outfit supreme, oozing extra cheese (as Alexa Chung makes it seem).

But the more you play and practise the more fluid your compositions become. Until one day you don’t have to think, you just breath them out; with the exception that on a tired day they come out tasting like a refrigerated Snickers.

But alas, it’s easy to list excuses as to why we shy away from wearing exactly what our hands first pet in our wardrobes. Why? Because it’s uncomfortable, it reminds us of a bad comment thrown our way or it simply doesn’t match whatever bottoms we have clean.

Perhaps, we don’t want to wear it because we are feeling a little down. The aim of the day is simply to survive without leaking a little.

Inject some serendity in betweem the fabric and maybe, that one fury cardigan or beret could be the best part of your day.  By wearing the item that wakes up your mind, you could be doing the ultimate community service or complete the weather’s job for it, in the midst of a moody Winter.

If your like me then wearing our favourite thing can look a little weird or too bright first thing in the morning. Our retina’s too busy swimming in the sheets with only caffeine to help climb our way out.

But I also know whenever I see someone wearing something different, (even if it isn’t my taste) I appreciate their efforts. I enjoy the lack of beiges or browns. And I instantly want to tell her that. More often than not, they somethings beat me to it; ‘the stranger barrier’ instantly breached via noticing their visual masterpiece. A testimony that that person had thought about colour, shape, fit or texture before they left the house.

And these can be comfortable clothes or tired clothes. Anything that leaves you feeling like you just downed a splash of spearmint-flavoured mouthwash.

I have also found, some clothing is polite enough to walk over to us first. We see them and just know we’re all there. Our subconscious already wondering out the door, hand in hand with our new friend.  A $10 dollar pair of hassle earring or a $50 sale jumper with flare sleeves so wild, you feel a touch Jedi instead of 70’s (and the weird part is, you may not even like Star Wars).

At work, I always hear horror stories about people buying beautiful things only to keep them stored away, too shy to shout unfamiliar eyes. But those eyes might need that added interest on their way to another day spent with a taunting boss, up close and way-too personal. Or off to see a friend in hospital.

A new unexpected outfit offers many minds a mini-vacation, even if it is just to judge-town. It also gives you a reason to know, your unforgettable and a key player in everyone’s day, especially if they air their distaste aloud. But more importantly, you wore what felt right.


And who said we can’t dress how we feel? A mediation of staying in the moment of  a certain mood, place or time.

Sophia Amoroso (creator of Natsy Gal and the fabulous book #GirlBoss) knows all too well sometimes we must dress in different eras, that even we have never been apart of. Why? Because we are old souls and it simply makes us feel like our most shiny-selves.

Why can’t we show what is going on, rubbling, pleading, screaming, laughing on our insides, to transfer to our outsides?

Isn’t there a human-kind of beauty in transparency?

For those who find opaque exhausting, try looking at your wardrobe like a pool. If you can’t see yourself in it or even the bottom, then get it the fuck out. Pick your outfits with as much precision as you pick your friends or favourite coffee-bar. With love, impulse and good taste.

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