Exhaustion Train

Population: you and the rest of humanity, just never at the same time.

So how do we know when enough is enough?

When the porridge explodes, forming a miniature himalayans inside your microwave?

Is it when a lack of ‘sheet-to-face time’ turns into a ‘all-foods-must-be-stored-in-my-stomach-fridge’ time?

Or perhaps you are at work and a gorgeous set of brown eyes appears. You of course go to welcome it with a smile, only to instead stub your funny bone on the corner of the desk.

“Why did this happen?” You ask yourself, and your disinterested co-workers. And at that exact time. Was it karma? Was it trying to tell you he’s really one of your friend’s soulmates’ you were eye-banging with your dirty, olive, eyes of lies?

” Probably not-” they would have said, if they hadn’t just left the room.

Perhaps it’s a sign, when even your dog doesn’t like you anymore. And like JB’s mum, every dog likes everyone.  ( Except other dogs, but thats coz four legs freak her out; on a bad day, she can’t even handle her own. )

With established friendships, over-stepping can happen as often as you miss that one early-train. But usually, if you are closely knit, those threads can be  plaited back into place without having to throw out the whole damn scarf.

With making new connections, it can also be a new side, a new sequel in your relationship repertoire. Quality over quantity, the popular blend of friend you always seem to go for. So much so, you feel you treasure them like they are your favourite Zara, yellow and blue jacket.

With any amazing jacket or friend, we forget that with great wear comes tear. No matter how much love you throw at it, without a mend, it can look like cheap, tired carpet you place on your back. With the damage done, you can only pray it doesn’t fall apart, when you need it most.

“Is it too late to save its popping-candy colour and strategically placed stripes? Please Chinese sewing lady,  I beg of you, is it too late?”

With ourselves too, reaching for happy all the time can feel as realistic as Julia Gillard coming back for round two. One late night turns into a week. And before we know it,  we end up at a party, exhausted, with the only exciting phone message of the night being the uber home.

Sometimes, we only ever realise when we hit rock-bottom or when we are extremely happy. We can never enjoy the middle. Content with just moving along at our own pace.

If only we stopped for a second and saw we really weren’t that pressed for time. And if we went to that one yoga class or squeezed in a nap, what would come next wouldn’t be such an epic fail.

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