Self-Evaluation for Dummies

‘Evaluation’ is a tool utilised across multiple professions. In Pr and Advertising, it is conducted in the space of a team environment, the last step of the project or campaign process. The feedback is then said to be kept on the business’ personal files, however it just so happens to circulate like a child with sticky hands, around the office. And unequivocally through many a bent ear. In competitive fields such as this, being the first one to act can either make or break your reputation. Coincidentally, being the last one to move, with send you on the first plane home.

Having completed my first year at UNI for this career path, I was faced with this sad ultimatum every lecture I sat in and every lecture I missed. I pondering what big-belted campaign which I had grown up singing along to the TV commercial would be enough for me to flick my humanity switch off.

And from there, how much guilt one could hide in so much square-feet of success otherwise known as the measuring device called ‘the office’. And of course, how many phone calls I would pick up during the weekly ‘funky-town’ nights my husband and I scheduled, only to feel slightly more and more disappointed when no calls came, and instead only he did.

Evaluation is the trick to staying in business, but what they don’t teach you in the lecture hall is the impact of self-evaluation.

The kind which is the most threatening and trickiest of all. Why? Because once you notice your holes, it’s a whole lot harder to walk over them. Instead, without a change you fall into them. You wake up only to hurt yourself, again and again until you inevitably snap.

Maybe the holes are a relationship that started so strong, only to diminish into something you no longer desire to understand nor build upon. Perhaps its keeping up to date with your brother who no longer bothers to call you on your birthday. Maybe it’s your drab looking 50 shades of professional wardrobe, which leaves all too much to the imagination. Or it could be changing your routine and doing something spontaneous every Saturday.

It could be anything or everything. But it can’t be nothing. Life is too short to forget yourself and hope something or someone drop-kicks you out of sleep-mode.

The best motto I have found in life is to aim to be more than you ever imagined. It could be my 19 year old optimism talking crap, but I do truly believe that there is a time to go with the flow of life and take time to breathe and to fight for what you want.

Don’t let obligation or your past self turn off your navigation device on where you are in life or where you want to go.  Be the change you wish to see.






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